Review our Qualifications & Complete our Eligibility Questionnaire

Habitat for Humanity offers low-income families the opportunity to own a home. Becoming a Habitat homeowner requires commitment, responsibility and deep involvement.

In order to partner with us, you must meet the following preliminary criteria:

  • You must be a Legal Permanent Resident of the United States.
  • You must have lived or worked or attended school in Fauquier or Rappahannock for at least 12 months. Affiliates for other vicinities can be found at
  • Your yearly income must fall within our income guidelines, which are adjusted for family size (refer to Income Table on the Selection Criteria page). Income includes wages, Social Security, disability, SSI, TANF and child support.
  • You must have one year of continuous income.
  • You must have a reasonably good credit history. It must be at least three years since you discharged any bankruptcies, and you must be making payments on your debts.
  • You must have a need for housing because your current housing is unaffordable, unsafe, or overcrowded.
  • You must partner with Fauquier Habitat for Humanity and contribute "sweat equity," helping to build your home as well as other families' homes, and attend all educational workshops. All families must complete a total of 250 hours per adult.

If you meet these criteria, please fill out the information below.

Or, please call us for more information (540) 341-4952; email us at


Eligibility Questionnaire
First Name *
Last Name *
Do you currently own or have you owned a home within the last 3 years?
Residency, Work, or School
Have you (and, if applicable, your spouse) lived, worked, or attend school in one of the following counties for at least 12 months?
Address Line 1 *
Address Line 2
City *
State/Province *
Postal Code *
Marital Status
What is your residency status?
How many people (including yourself) would be living in the Habitat Home?

Please review the chart below and find your pre-tax annual income for our household (e.g. paycheck, child support, food stamps, alimony, social security, disability, etc.) Note: This must include all income sources for those living in the household. 

Number of People in Your Household (including yourself)

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Family of 1 Less than $26,500 $26,500-$52,920 More than $52,920
Family of 2 Less than $30,250 $30,250-$60,480 More than $60,480
Family of 3 Less than $34,050 $34,050-$68,040 More than $68,040
Family of 4 Less than $37,800 $37,800-$75,600 More than $75,600
Family of 5 Less than $40,850 $40,850-$81,660 More than $81,660
Family of 6 Less than $43,850 $43,850-$87,720 More than $87,720
Family of 7 Less than $46,900 $46,900-$93,780 More than $93,780
Family of 8 Less than $49,900 $49,900-$99,840 More than $99,840
Income Range Option
Please indicate in which range your income falls
Mortgage Financing
Have you been denied mortgage financing in the past 6 months?
Housing Status
Is your current housing overcrowded, physically substandard, too expensive, or unsafe?
Have all applicants been employed at ALL jobs (part-time and full-time) for at least 12 consecutive months?
Have you filed bankruptcy in the last 3 years?