Becoming a Homeowner

Affordable Home Ownership Builds Better Communities

Fauquier Habitat for Humanity offers families a hand up not a hand out. Families in Fauquier and Rappahannock counties applying to the Fauquier Habitat for Humanity (FHFH) Homeownership Program are selected based on their ability to pay, willingness to partner and need for affordable housing.


All interested applicants must meet the following initial criteria:

1. Have lived in Rappahannock or Fauquier Counties for at least one year prior to application.

2. Ability to Pay:

• Earn between 27% – 50% of the median family income for your county.

Fauquier County

1-2 People     Min: $23,445     Max:  $52,099

3 People        Min: $26,050     Max: $57,888

4 People        Min: $28,944     Max: $64,320

Rappahannock County

1 Person         Min: $16,350     Max: $35,475

2 People         Min: 18,700       Max: $40,525

3 People         Min: 21,050       Max: $45,600

4 People         Min: 24,250      Max: $50,625

• Have stable, documented and adequate income (permanent employment, social security/pension, permanent disability, court ordered child support or a combination) to make the required $1,000 down payment and the monthly mortgage payments.

• If you are working, you must have been gainfully employed for a minimum of two years including one year with your current employer  (if income is derived from salary, wages, self-employment income, etc.).

• A satisfactory credit history. If there are credit problems, you will be given the opportunity to attend a credit counseling course and start clearing your debts before acceptance as a partner. Any judgments must be cleared prior to completion of the home.

3. Willingness to Partner with Habitat to complete 400 hours of “sweat-equity” in the building of their home and other Habitat homes.

4. Have a need for affordable housing. To be considered applicants must be currently living in substandard or inadequate housing. This may include overcrowded, unsafe, unsanitary or cost burdened living conditions.

The Application Process

Please note that completing the Homeowner Application does not constitute qualification for the program, a home or a mortgage. The submission of an application only establishes your interest in applying for our Homeownership Program.

The Fauquier Habitat application process is a thorough underwriting process designed to find partner families who will succeed in a Habitat home. The complete process can take between one to two years.

To be considered applicants must complete the entire application process within the timeline set out by Fauquier Habitat at the beginning of the application process.  Should any applicant fail to complete any individual step they will be considered to have withdrawn their application.

To receive an application, please contact Fauquier Habitat at 540.341.4952 or

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