Warrenton, Virginia, October 21, 2017 — It was an extraordinary day of fellowship as residents of the historic Haiti Street neighborhood–-with added muscle provided by volunteers from across the community—banded together to undertake a thorough end-of-season yard cleanup on Saturday, October 21. After a hard day of work, participants mingled and relaxed at a festive cookout with music and prizes.

The event, made possible by a Make It Happen Grant from the PATH foundation and in partnership with Piedmont Environmental Council, was part of Fauquier Habitat for Humanity’s ongoing Neighborhood Revitalization (NR) efforts which support a resident-driven model for improving the overall quality of life in focus neighborhoods.

“It was incredibly exciting to see the number of residents and community volunteers who turned out to make this event a great success,” said Mary Correia, Habitat’s Neighborhood Revitalization Director. “Most folks know Habitat from their long-standing work in the community building houses but it has taken some time for this new, more holistic model to gain traction. I think Saturday’s turnout is a testament that the message is getting out there and people are really supportive of this work.”

Headquartered on adjacent Horner Street, Piedmont Environmental Council has been a strong community partner in Habitat’s neighborhood revitalization work – engaging with neighbors at community meetings and providing volunteers and logistics support for the clean-up day.

“PEC was happy to participate in this great event and lend a hand, especially as a neighbor to Haiti Street,” said John McCarthy, Senior Advisor & Director of Strategic Partnerships for PEC.

Chris Miller, PEC’s President added, “What was particularly exciting was the energy and commitment of the young people from the neighborhood not only the day of the event but also in the planning that took place over the past few months. They provided real leadership!”

Residents praised the day’s results while chatting with Habitat’s AmeriCorps VISTA member, Dustin Lape.

Kim Ardon-Amaya shared this: “I told them before they left they did a good job. I shared the pictures on Facebook, too. One (from Warrenton Police Department’s Facebook page) had the caption ‘Who broke the clippers?” (alluding to the fervor with which police academy recruits dug into the work). “I think since y’all started working [here] this street has gotten a lot better.”

Robby Payton also complimented the work that was done and expressed his excitement over the raffle prizes. “They did a great job on the bushes and took care of some of my tires, too… I won the top raffle prize!… [A] tool box with a few wrenches and things that I needed”.

Kirsten Dueck, Senior Program Officer from the PATH Foundation perfectly captured the spirt of the day with this statement “The PATH Foundation was proud to support this community-led effort. We know that communities are stronger and healthier when neighbors come together to help each other.”

Fauquier Habitat for Humanity, one of more than 1,400 U.S. affiliates of Habitat for Humanity International, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to homeownership for working families. Since 1991, volunteers from corporations and community organizations have worked with Fauquier Habitat’s qualified homebuyer families to construct 55 affordable, green, high-quality homes, purchased through no-interest mortgages. The group also engages in multi-year, holistic neighborhood revitalization programs.

Piedmont Environmental Council works with the citizens of our nine-county region to conserve land, create high-quality communities, strengthen rural economies, celebrate historic resources, protect air and water quality, build smart transportation networks, promote sustainable energy choices, restore wildlife habitat, and improve people’s access to nature.


Mary Correia

Neighborhood Revitalization Director

Fauquier Habitat for Humanity


Every hand makes a difference! If you can’t run a chainsaw, you can pass out snacks 🙂
Friends don’t let friends clear brush all alone! <3
Generations of helpers!



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